1. Placing Your Order
1.1. Order direct on the website –

2. Payment
2.1. Online orders - Full payment required upon booking to confirm your event.
2.2. Approved Account holders only – 20th month invoice can issue as per normal

3. Postponement – Weather/ epidemic/pandemic/force majeure/Covid levels changing
/Government regulations
3.1. We are able to postpone your catering order if contacted 72 hours prior to your event if
Inclement Weather conditions make it impossible for an outside event, an epidemic or
pandemic, force majeure, or due to a Ministry of Health Directive or other Government
initiative is activated before 10am (this is due to us ordering in suppliers for your event). All
monies paid will be carried forward to your new postponement date.
3.2. We will work with you to confirm a new postponement date. Postponement within 72 hours
of this time will result in being charged 75% for the event – due to ordering and suppliers
3.3. Catering for new postponement date will be charged in full. Any balance of Paid Monies
remaining from final bill will be attached as a credit to your account for your new
postponement date event.

4. Wet Weather Option Alternative For Day
4.1. If you have an ‘alternative wet weather location/venue’ we will/can continue with your
order and deliver to new location. Additional charges will apply for travel @ $90.00 + gst for
location outside of CBD. Please advise by phone if your event is moving to another

5. Cancellation
5.1. If you cancel within three weeks to 72 hrs prior event
5.2. The Caterer’s business is based on catering Events mostly booked well in advance. The
Customer acknowledges that any cancellation of a confirmed booking may leave the Caterer
without a booking on the Event date which will adversely affect the Caterer’s business. In
recognition of this, the Customer agrees as follows:
5.3. Any cancellations after the Caterer has issued a Final Invoice to approved account holders or
received full payment from the Customer will be strictly non-refundable, as will no-shows on
the day of the Event. Any outstanding amounts on the Caterer’s Final Invoice for account
holders will be payable by the Customer.
5.4. If the Customer is forced to cancel the Event within three weeks period of the Event due to
inclement weather, epidemic or pandemic, force majeure, or due to a Ministry of Health
Directive or other Government initiative, the Caterer will refund 75% of the full amount paid
by the Customer. Account holders will be charged 25% of total invoice issued for payment
on/by the 20th of the month. The Caterer reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of
the reason for cancellation and will give notice to the Customer in writing as to whether such
a refund will be offered.
5.5. If the Event is cancelled for one of the reasons considered by inclement weather, epidemic
or pandemic, force majeure, or due to a Ministry of Health Directive or other Government
initiative, then the Caterer reserves the right to charge the Customer for any perishable
items purchased by the Caterer for the Event.
5.6. Cancellation within 72 hours of event will result: Online orders fully non-refundable.
Account holder charged for full amount made payable on invoice issued.

6. Delivery
6.1. will be between 3.45 - 4.15 pm on the day of your booking. As there may be a number of
groups within the area, we will liaise with the team at Mini Putt who will advise where your
group section is and we will place all catering in that area. Please note there is no
refrigeration down at the venue. If you have a large number of guests’ you may wish to hire
a chiller trailer.

7. Allergies and Dietary Requirements
7.1. The Caterer is able to cater for most dietary requirements (within reason). The Customer
acknowledges that the Caterer’s kitchen uses a variety food stuffs, such as gluten, nuts, eggs
and other dairy products, which may be allergenic to some individuals. The Caterer may not
be able to avoid cross-contamination of foods as a result.
7.2. If the Customer intends to invite guests to the Event who have extreme dietary or allergyrelated requirements, then the Customer must advise the Caterer so that the Caterer can
determine whether such requirements can be met. In the event that the Caterer is unable
to meet a guest’s dietary requirements, then the guest may need to provide their own food
at the Event.
7.3. The Caterer accepts no responsibility for any guest’s adverse reaction to food at the Event.

8. Additional Food Provided By Customers
8.1. Should the Customer bring any outside additional food from any source to the Event, the
Caterer will not be held responsible for any illness or health issues that may arise. This
includes any other form of grazing platters/tables, caterer, cake decorator, food truck or
other professional food vendor or private person.
8.2. The Caterer has an ‘A’ grade rating for food hygiene, and the production of food and storage
and cooking of all food is conducted to the highest standards. The Caterer cannot regulate
or guarantee the quality and safety of food provided by outside sources and will therefore
not be held liable for any adverse effects that arise from food consumption.

9. Debt Collection
9.1. The Customer will be liable for any costs incurred by the Caterer in connection with collecting
any overdue account from the Customer, including but not limited to debt collection costs
and legal costs. The Customer authorises the Caterer to collect personal information about
the Customer and acknowledges that such information is collected for any purpose
connected with the Caterer’s business. The Customer consents to the Caterer disclosing any
such information to debt collection agencies as part of information exchanges with them.
The Customer acknowledges that the Customer’s rights at law in relation to obtaining and
correcting all information about the Customer held by the Caterer are not affected.

10. Dispute Resolution
10.1. In the event of a dispute or disagreement arising between the Caterer and the Customer,
the party with a grievance may give written notice to the other party specifying the nature
of the dispute or disagreement, the remedy sought and requiring that the dispute or
disagreement be determined and settled in accordance with this clause.
10.2. On receipt of the notice, the parties will endeavour to resolve such grievance by discussion
and negotiation. If agreement is not reached, then the parties will proceed to mediation and
will agree on a suitable person to act as mediator. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator,
the president of the Waikato Bay of Plenty Law Society (the PRESIDENT) will appoint a
mediator. The mediation will be in accordance with the mediation protocol of the
Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand Incorporated (the INSTITUTE).
10.3. In the event that a dispute is unable to be resolved in the way prescribed by clauses 4.1 and
4.2, then the dispute shall be settled by way of Arbitration as provided in the Arbitration Act
1996 or any amendments thereto.

11. General
11.1. The Caterer will make its best endeavours to ensure that catering is delivered at the correct
time at the Event. The Caterer cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays caused by
events out of the Caterer’s control (such as the vehicle breakdown, road accidents, road
11.2. The Caterer is registered with the Tauranga City Council as a food operator and is regularly
audited by environmental health officers (at least annually) and holds an ‘A’ grade rating for
food hygiene. The Caterer’s production of food and storage and cooking of all food is
conducted to the highest standard.
11.3. A waiver by the Caterer of any right or clause or the breach of any clause does not amount
to a further waiver by the Caterer of that right, clause or breach even if repeated.
11.4. The Caterer is not bound by any error or omission made in any quote, invoice, estimate,
contract or document.
11.5. When a clause in these terms sets out the Caterer’s rights, it does not limit any other rights
the Caterer has in another clause of these terms, or otherwise.