And........... breathe you made it through the wedding day.
Brunch is a great way for guests to pop in and say their goodbyes to the bride and groom before hitting the road to go home.

Relaxed, blissful, and probably slightly hungover - feed your guests ready to serve finger food, that will certainly hit the spot.

Having us drop off catering to you in the morning takes the stress away from the host............normally Mum!

Brunch style catering

Finger food Brunch
Breakfast quiche with
Bacon, egg & tomato
Asparagus & smoked salmon
Sweet corn & cheese

Baby croissants with
Ham, brie and cranberry
Whipped nutella cream cheese and freeze dried raspberries

Fresh fruit salad served in individual noodle box
Fresh fruit seasonal platter

White chocolate and raspberry muffins
Cheese and caramelized onion muffins with butter

Hot Breakfast Buffet

Brunch style mac n cheese with bacon bits and chorizo sausage
Hot champagne ham glazed with honey, brown sugar and sherry
Fresh bakery bread and rolls
Red and white coleslaw with creamy dressing

Individual Breakfast Picnic Box
Baby croissant with ham, brie and tomato
Anzac muesli slice
Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese quiche
Greek yoghurt with berry coulis swirl

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